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Author Allon Lefever celebrates the passion of the entrepreneur with a great idea. He then takes his reader on the long, exciting and dangerous voyage toward creating and maintaining a successful business, based on that idea.

The book encourages millennials to take the plunge, while acknowledging the social and economic realities that have thwarted new entrepreneurial exploration in recent years.

The audience for this book goes far beyond business newbies. Assuming the great idea takes off and “your ship comes in,” it then needs to prosper and weather the storms. Half of the book’s pages address how to keep the ship afloat. It is as relevant to operating entrepreneurs as it is to those just launching their business.

In its early pages, the book presents interactive exercises such as a ten question predictor test for entrepreneurs. It invites the reader to choose their entrepreneurial type from various profiles. There is an analysis of the opportunity entrepreneur vs. the necessity entrepreneur.

Reading this book will be like getting advice from the investor panelists on the popular TV show, Shark Tank – sans the check! The author’s story telling ability keeps the reader’s attention while making his points using real life references.

Clearly grounded in morality and faith, Lefever urges the entrepreneur to become involved in causes and community, starting early in his journey. He encourages giving back, keeping the family first and treating all people with dignity. He gives a company’s social vision equal status with its strategic plan.

After three decades in the Board room and involvement with starting more than 20 businesses, at the age of 55, Lefever launched a new career for himself, teaching tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. This book is an extension of that evangelism. He revels in coaching the next generation of risk takers and go getters. Citing their importance to the economy, he notes, “Entrepreneurs are the nation’s job creating engine.”

Lefever dwells on the stewardship that falls upon the business owner, pointing out the new responsibilities of the entrepreneur who becomes a leader. He gives examples of wildly positive connections he has made while collaborating, guiding and coaching.

The author stays right with the entrepreneur well beyond the stage of running a successful business. He gives examples of how to expand or combine with other companies. He outlines exit strategies and succession plans to convey the business to the next generation.

While this book is about how to launch and operate a business, it is also the story of a person of integrity who lives his principles, takes none of life’s blessings for granted and is hard wired for altruism.

September 7, 2017
Annette Petrick

As an inveterate entrepreneur himself, Allon charts the course …

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